Kehilat Kesher is a community endeavour promoting an inclusive and contemporary Orthodox perspective in Melbourne and beyond.It’s mission is to connect us to other Jews and to all who seek to create a more compassionate and principled society. It also encourages a lively, supportive and serious engagement with Israel and its challenges.

It is inclusive in that it welcomes all Jews regardless of their religious or sexual orientation,gender, disability,social or cultural background.
It is inclusive in that it embraces all Australians and recognises the critical presence of our First Nation peoples.

It is contemporary in that it wrestles with the issues challenging our world: climate change, racism, gender inequality , the wealth divide …

It is contemporary in that it seeks to engage with the society in which we live . It encourages interfaith interaction and strengthen multicultural Australia; respecting our diversity and differences, deepening and strengthening our commonality.

It is contemporary in its endeavour to move beyond the usual labels of Orthodox, Conservative and Reform but to remain rooted in the eternal truths of the Torah and Halacha or Jewish Law.It aims to be open, accepting and flexible but also value driven and principled.

The ethos of Kehilat Kesher is embodied in the concepts of :
Chesed-Compassion -חסד
Ahavat Yisrael-Love of all Jews-אהבת ישראל
Kvod HaBriyot -Respect for all people-כבוד הבריות
Kvod HaTeva-Protecting our environment-כבוד הטבע
Ahavat HaGer-Love for the stranger -אהבת הגר
Ahavat Tziyon-Love of Israel -אהבת ציון
Darchei Shalom-The pursuit of peace -דרכי שלום

Kehilat Kesher

Rabbi Ralph Genende:

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