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The Festival of Purim this year begins on Saturday night, 23 March, and ends on Sunday night, 24 March.

Purim celebrates the salvation of the Jewish People from the threat of annihilation in Persia (Iran) some 3,000 years ago. According to the Biblical Book of Esther, Haman (the then Prime Minister to King Achashverosh) planned to kill all the Jews in the vast Persian empire. However, his evil plans were foiled by two Persian Jews, Mordechai, working together with his relative Esther, who had become Queen of Persia.

To watch a short video about Purim, please follow the following link:

What’s the point of Purim Today?

  1. It’s  a reminder of the human capacity for evil. Our faith in humanity created ‘in the image of God’ should not make us complacent in the face of the barbaric dark heart of humankind. We need to remain vigilant and willing to fight against the Hamans, Hitlers, Hamas, and Hezbollah’s…
  1. For Jewish people this day is a reminder of our vulnerability and existential unease – every generation seems to birth another virulent form of antisemitism; it’s a dangerous and diabolical virus. Hatred of the Jew is a visceral, persistent and irrational force.
  1. Civil societies that tolerate antisemitism undermine their own fabric. The hatred, intolerance, and violence may start with Jews, but it rarely ends there.
  1. Don’t give up on hope – God did not abandon His people, God loves humanity and celebrates our ability to overcome evil and hate. Be people of courage and conviction. The Purim story begins in despair and ends in the bright air of ‘light and joy, celebration and elation!’

Watch my short 2 minute video about the contemporary relevance of Purim by clicking on the following link: Purim – A tale for today!

Wishing you and your family a Chag Purim Same’ach! May you have a joyous Purim!

Rabbi Ralph

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