Ralph writes regularly for Plus 61J and the AJN (Australian Jewish News), and has contributed to several books including a chapter on a Jewish response to the Uluru statement and the Voice in Statements From The Soul edited by Shireen Morris.

Rabbi Ralph has recently published his first book on finding meaning in complex times. It is available at local bookstores and can be ordered online from them or from Barnes and Noble:


Gathered over twenty years of writing, this anthology examines the many crises and challenges of the 21st century – from polarisation to asylum seekers, loneliness to climate change. Rabbi Genende also offers wise reflection on the moral and ethical tasks we all must face.

Thought-provoking and humane, this is a collection for anyone – believer or atheist – in need of meaning in a complex, turbulent time.

In praise of Living in an Upside-Down World:

“This is a work that is both consciousness-raising and provocative. I found it mesmerising.”
“Rabbi Genende is a shining example of reason, humility and hope.”
“I felt so much richer after reading this volume.”
“His words carry us on a spiritual and physical journey that captures the universal
experience of life (and death) through its moorings in a distinctive Jewish tradition.”
MARK RAPHAEL BAKER, Author of The Fiftieth Gate